N2 Speech Therapy offers in-home, direct one-on-one therapy sessions. Services include:

Speech and Language Assessment (1 hour)

A speech and/or language assessment will consist of:

Informed consent

Case history

Evaluation of speech and language skills during informal observation and play

Standardized testing (as required)

Information from other professionals who interact with the child may be obtained

Speech and/or Language Therapy (45 minutes or 1 hour)

N2 will work collaboratively with you to set functional speech, language, and/or social communication goals. N2 uses evidence-based treatment approaches, and incorporates your child’s interests to keep them motivated and make sure the sessions are fun for all!


Upon request, N2 is able to consult with other professionals involved in the treatment program (e.g. physician, therapist, day care provider)

N2 Speech Therapy offers treatment for



Articulation/Phonological delays or Motor speech disorders

Late talkers

Autism Spectrum Disorders


Voice Disorders

Expressive language delays or disorders

Receptive language delays or disorders

Social communication difficulties

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N2 Speech Therapy: Services